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Covid Drive-in Černý Most performs samples for RT - PCR and antigenic examination of Covid- 19 by throat swab in the Makro Černý Most car park. This method is certified for travel. You can also come on foot.

Results are guaranteed within 24 hours (usually on the day of collection), including a travel certificate in Czech and English.
Reservation is mandatory! If you can, bring a signed Examination Request.
To cancel the reservation, use the link in the confirmation email.

Please do not eat or drink for 2 hours before collection.

You can download the certificate with the QR code at ocko.uzis.cz, their issuance is the responsibility of the IHIS, not us, and they can appear up to 2 hours after receiving the results. There is also a mobile application Tečka.

The Czech government's decision to end the pandemic alert means no free covid-19 tests are available anymore.


Our tests

free of charge
Patients with a diagnostic request from a doctor.
Result within 24 hours (usually on the day of collection) with a free travel certificate!
CZK 1,000
Result within 24 hours (usually on the day of collection) with a travel certificate.
We accept card and cash payments on site.
CZK 200
Quick tests within 15 minutes with shorter infectivity time.
The price includes a travel certificate.